About Us

About Us

Inspired Senior Living, Catered to You

Aden Senior Living is a brand-new catered club-level living, assisted living, and memory care community in Ormond Beach, Florida. With spacious apartments, exceptional amenities, first-class hospitality, and engaging signature programs supporting health and wellness, individuals experience enhanced independence and convenience.

We strive to inspire individuals to reach their highest level of wellness. By catering our supportive services to each resident’s needs, we promote social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth.

Beauty at Every Turn

Located in beautiful, sunny Ormond Beach, Aden Senior Living is surrounded by native trees, offering a secluded feel and escape from the surrounding area while maintaining convenient access to beaches, shopping, restaurants, and attractions. Making it an ideal retirement destination.

Beyond our beautiful location, the interior spaces of Aden Senior Living are just as inviting as the exterior. We offer a broad variety of apartments, some with full kitchens and in-unit washers and dryers, to allow residents to live as independently as they desire while receiving only the support and care they may need when they need it.

Amenities and spaces, including our dining rooms, library, on-site salon and spa, art studio, and fitness center, create countless opportunities for residents to further cater their senior living experience to their wants, needs, and preferences.

Our Holistic Wellness Philosophy

At Aden Senior Living, we approach wellness in a way that is unique and catered to each member of our community — it is a holistic philosophy focused on empowering a lifestyle that ensures your body is active, your relationships are strong, your mind is challenged, and your spiritual needs are met. This philosophy, called Salus™ by AgeWell Solvere Living, provides programs that focus on the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of wellness, helping you thrive and achieve your personal goals. These customized, one-on-one programs provide meaningful and exciting ways to help you build relationships with others and grow connections through positive social interactions.

Salus (SAL-us), Noun – Latin for “Well-Being”

Salus by AgeWell Solvere

Salus™ is our trademark wellness philosophy that focuses on helping you reach your fullest potential through engagement and connection. This philosophy is integrated throughout our Ormond Beach senior living and implemented into each of our supportive services and signature programs. At Aden Senior Living, you will find countless programs and ways to get involved in the community that will help you maintain or improve your overall health and well-being.

Salus by AgeWell Solvere

The Four Components of Wellness

Salus™ is a comprehensive approach that concentrates on the Four Components of Wellness — each one a critical element for creating a path to meaningful senior living.

  1. Physical: Living a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and proper nutrition to stay strong and flexible and to limit disease and disability.
  2. Social: Strengthening existing connections with family and friends and developing new relationships to stay connected to the community.
  3. Intellectual: Stimulating minds through participation in lifelong learning initiatives and challenging, creative programs.
  4. Spiritual: Continuing the lifelong search for purpose and meaning through faith-based involvement, volunteerism and service, and enjoying meaningful pastimes.
four components of wellness

Physical activity, mental stimulation, strong social engagement, an environment that supports your unique goals, and a sense of purpose and meaning are all essential to healthy and successful aging. Salus™ equips you with the tools you need to meet these goals.

Valeo™ by AgeWell Solvere

Valeo Memory Care by AgeWell Solvere

Valeo™ is part of our Salus™ by AgeWell Solvere pillar dedicated to memory care. Valeo, Latin for “to thrive,” aligns with the Salus™ holistic approach to wellness. It is specifically tailored to those with living memory impairment and integrates all facets of a resident’s life in its approach to wellness through the AgeWell Solvere Signature Programs.

Valeo Memory Care by AgeWell Solvere

Valeo™ Signature Programs

We believe everyone has the right to a joyful and fulfilling life, regardless of physical or mental challenges. This includes individuals living with memory impairments, such as dementia. The belief in joy is intrinsic to Valeo™, as is the importance of creating a strong life that furthers and preserves your legacy.

Our Ormond Beach community’s signature memory care program is built on this foundation. It incorporates a holistic wellness philosophy and therapeutic benefits backed by scientific research to improve the well-being of each resident and bring joy to their lives. Every program is customized to each person’s strengths and provides opportunities to engage and pursue individual interests.

Create & Compose

Art and music have long been known for their therapeutic benefits, and recent neurological research shows those benefits may be enhanced for older individuals with memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. For example, studies link art and music-based activities with improved cognitive function, as they help the brain compensate for the effects of aging and memory impairments. Beyond the health benefits, art and music are recognized ways to relax, find comfort, and relieve stress. 

Create & Compose encourages residents to take part in activities, including playing music and painting, that help them gain those benefits. Program leaders can guide residents through activities or give them the freedom to express themselves as they see fit.


Routines can be beneficial to individuals of all ages, but the nature of memory impairments makes them even more important to those with various forms of dementia. To someone with memory impairment, a routine is a comforting way to organize their day. It provides purpose and structure.

VITA! builds on that comfort and structure to enhance a routines’ physical and cognitive benefits. Our wellness team members use VITA! to incorporate mental stimulation and physical activity into residents’ daily routines. Every addition is designed to be fun and engaging, so residents begin to see their daily routine as an even more positive part of their lives. As a result, we find that residents who regularly participate in VITA! experience a greater sense of calm throughout their day and are often more focused on positive self-care.

Creature Comforts

Animals are a source of comfort for many. Science has shown that interacting with pets can lower stress levels and provide a strong sense of enjoyment. There is also evidence that bonding with pets can lower rates of heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Creature Comforts brings gentle animals, such as dogs and birds, into our memory care community in Ormond Beach, Florida, to benefit residents.

During Creature Comforts events, residents can interact with animals in a safe, supportive environment. We encourage residents to connect, as well as share stories of the animals that impacted their lives. As residents share and bond with the animals, we see a greater sense of community among peers and higher levels of engagement.

Legacy Kit

Legacy Kit helps memory care residents and their families build a physical representation of the most important events and interests in their life. The resident, along with their friends and family, can collect items that have historical significance, such as photographs, mementos from past experiences, and objects that embody their interests. 

As items are collected, new opportunities are created to share stories and experiences, inviting others to be a part of their story.

Travel Times

Individuals living with dementia often find joy, connection, and engagement when they have new experiences with positive places and activities. Travel Times facilitates that by giving residents the opportunity to travel to new or familiar places. Each opportunity helps residents disconnect from their daily challenges and stressors to relax, recharge, and focus on the joy in their lives.