How Happiness Can Lead to Healthy Aging

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Happiness is a phrase that means many things. Depending on who you ask, the definition of what it means to be happy can vary widely. However, it turns out that happiness is more than just a feel-good emotion — it’s a biological advantage that powers our immune systems, fights against inflammation, and boosts our heart […]

Learning The Truth Behind Common Misconceptions About Senior Living

Transitioning into an Ormond Beach senior living community marks a significant chapter in an individual’s life journey. This phase emphasizes the growing significance of personalized care and a sense of community, offering a supportive neighborhood that enables residents to thrive. However, this transition is often shrouded in uncertainties and misconceptions that can hinder the decision-making […]

What Lifestyle & Care Options Are Available at Aden Senior Living?

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Feeling safe, supported, and cared for is essential at every stage of life, particularly during our retirement years. At Aden Senior Living, nestled in the heart of Ormond Beach, we understand the significance of finding a senior living community that not only meets your care needs but also enriches your life. 

4 Ways to Pay for Assisted Living in Ormond Beach

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Navigating the financial landscape of assisted living can feel like a daunting task. With various care options, insurance policies, and personal assets to consider, it is vital to plan ahead and understand the potential routes you can take to secure comfortable, high-quality care for yourself or a family member. 

How to Talk About Assisted Living in Ormond Beach with a Parent

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Having a conversation about Ormond Beach assisted living options with a parent can be a challenging and emotional experience. It is a sensitive subject that often involves discussions about aging, independence, and care needs. However, it is essential to approach this topic with empathy, respect, and open communication to ensure the best outcomes for your […]