What is Person-Centered Care and What Can it Mean for You?

Picture of two seniors getting Person-Centered Care at a Senior Living's dining room.

Person-centered care is more than just a concept; it signifies a profound change in our approach to serving and supporting individuals in a life-enhancing community. Person-centered care is a transformative model that places the individual’s distinctive preferences and needs at the core of every care decision. Within senior living communities, this approach extends to creating […]

Learning The Truth Behind Common Misconceptions About Senior Living

Transitioning into an Ormond Beach senior living community marks a significant chapter in an individual’s life journey. This phase emphasizes the growing significance of personalized care and a sense of community, offering a supportive neighborhood that enables residents to thrive. However, this transition is often shrouded in uncertainties and misconceptions that can hinder the decision-making […]

What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

Senior Woman with Eyes Closed Breathing in Fresh Air Outside_Dimensions of Wellness

The concept of wellness goes beyond physical health; it encompasses a holistic approach to well-being and considers various interconnected aspects of our lives. Over time, the understanding of wellness has evolved, identifying multiple dimensions that contribute to overall health and happiness.  At Aden Senior Living, our Salus™ wellness philosophy incorporates four dimensions of wellness and […]

What is Catered Club Living & How Can it Enhance Your Lifestyle?

Group of Happy Seniors Laughing_Aden Senior Living

Finding a retirement community that is right for you can be a confusing and long process, even for someone who knows the differences between the more common types of care, such as assisted living and memory care. However, your options broaden even further when you come across a level of retirement living that is less […]

New Senior Living Community Ormond Beach

Aden Senior Living

Aden Senior Living is proud to announce the upcoming opening of its new senior living community in Ormond Beach, Florida. The community will offer catered living, assisted living, and memory care neighborhood to older adults, providing a range of options to meet the needs of residents at different stages of life. The new community will […]